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MiSDU Site Changes

In order to meet new requirements from VISA, the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU) must make a change to our payment processing website (MiSDU.com).  As a result of this change, users will be required to recreate their Saved Payments and Recurring Payment Schedules.  This change is applicable if you have previously used the MiSDU.com website to setup Saved Payments and/or Recurring Payment Schedules for paying child support in the state of Michigan.  Please read the following information carefully and take the appropriate actions necessary to ensure there is no interruption in the child support payment process.

When does the change occur?

The changes to the MiSDU.com website are scheduled to occur on January 15, 2017.  This will be referred to as the Go Live date going forward.

Why are we making this change?

VISA is requiring that the Principal and Service Fee be split into 2 transactions for each payment processed on MiSDU.com.

What happens once the change occurs?

Existing Saved Payments and Recurring Payment Schedules will not be accessible on MiSDU.com after the Go Live date.  This will impact your ability to make 1 Click Payments on MiSDU.com.  Registered users on MiSDU.com will need to recreate any Saved Payments and/or Recurring Payment Schedules, regardless of credit card type. MiSDU.com will continue to accept VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover cards.  Before a new Saved Payment or Recurring Payment Schedule can be established, a single successful payment must be made from MiSDU.com after the Go Live date.  Your credit card statement will show 2 lines for each child support payment; 1 for the Principal payment amount and 1 for the Service Fee amount. The Service Fee will continue to be 2.35% of the total child support payment amount. The charges on your credit card statement will continue to appear as L2G*State of MI Child Lansing, MI.

Actions You Must Take on/after Go Live!

If you wish to continue to use Saved Payments, 1 Click Payments or Recurring Scheduled Payments, you will need to access MiSDU.com and make a new payment. Once a successful credit card payment has been made after the Go Live date:

  1. A new Saved Payment can be saved for later use.
  2. The 1 Click option will be available again from your Saved Payments.
  3. A new Recurring Payment Schedule may be created.  Creating a new Recurring Payment Schedule on MiSDU.com will look slightly different, but the process is basically the same as it is today.

Information concerning this change will continue to be posted on www.misdu.com and we urge you to monitor our website. Thank you.